Taking too few Photos of the look for your Hair style

“Don’t fail to take lots of photos”. “Snap multiple pix of each side, back and front, and even the top. “That way, anyone can replicate it should you need to use a different stylist or your primary stylist gets sick.”

Boss-Babe Hairstyles

At New York Fashion Week and all the red carpets, other onlookers might be scoping the untraditional silhouettes and unique textures, but for us, it's the makeup and hairstyles that really catch our attention.

Drugstore Conditioners

To most, shopping for anything is a thrill. Being bombarded by an insane amount of brightly colored hair care product options all colorfully lined up and begging you to buy them is not.

Best Hairstyles

For a slightly more casual, equally as polished look

MTF Hairstyle

The salon experience can be intimidating for some trans folks, especially for pre- or non-transition women. You might be nervous, but at the end of the day, you’re a paying customer.

Hairstyles for College Girls

When it comes to hairstyles, Alia Bhatt is game for anything. The bubbly actress has always been spotted sporting some of the most creative and gorgeous looking hairdos.

Best Haircut Styles for Women

For short styles, medium-textured hair that is straight or wavy works best. "If the hair is very fine and you can see the scalp, it's probably not a great idea to go too short.

Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

A classic French braid. A show-stopping ballet bun. Long, loose waves flowing freely down the back. With so many swoonworthy looks, how’s a girl ever supposed to choose? Excepts this time.

Air-Dry Hair

Once summer arrives in all its hot and humid glory, certain beauty products are better left untouched. And while we understand that our Vampira-esque lip stain and moody oxblood nail color are best reserved for the drearier months of the year, we have an embarrassingly difficult time severing ties with our blow-dryer and embracing our hair's natural texture come temperature spikes and summer nights. While it sounds appealing in theory to forgo heat styling from May through August, we're still hopelessly devoted to our hot tools.

However, thanks to an onslaught of new air-dry friendly hair products that place tousled, model-off-duty texture on a record-high pedestal, we're finally feeling the urge to cave. The latest creams and sprays deliver shiny, voluminous results that might even rival the polish and hold of our weekly blowout (cue resounding gasp). Following the cool-girl example of celebrity air-dry queens.

Best Haircut

While it may come as news to some, specific hairstyles will suit certain face shapes for men better than others. If you want to find your best-suited do’, then you’ll need to figure out what your head shape before making the leap to a new style. How to determine your head shape, I hear you ask?

So now that you’ve got your face shape down, it’s time to take a look at some of your best-suited cuts. Check out our list of the most popular shapes and each one’s best-suited styles .

Square faces with strong jawlines suit clean haircuts such as the classic side parting or a modern messy pompadour. So if you’re wondering “what haircut should I get?”, check out the gallery below for some ideas. In this case, you’ll want to keep your hair longer at the sides and focus.

Wedding Hair Dos and Don'ts

Is there any beauty bummer worse than the classic bad-hair day? Smudged makeup can be fixed with relative ease, but frizzy, flat or flyaway hair? That’s a different story, and it’s certainly a scenario you want to avoid on your wedding day. So be prepared. Be very prepared. Here are some guidelines.

The session should allow enough time for you to try three different hairstyles. Be sure to bring your headpiece (or photo of it) along. Book your stylist four to six months ahead of time, and have your trial four to six weeks prior to the wedding.

Explain the style of your wedding and reception to your stylist, and bring a photo or sketch of your gown. Ask him or her to suggest looks that will harmonize with the overall feel of your wedding. You may think you want a cascade of rolling waves, but don’t pass on the opportunity to try, say, a low, loose chignon, or some clip-on extensions.

Beautiful Wedding Day Hair

Having a picture of the style that you want is the easiest way to guarantee that you communicate to your stylist what kind of bridal hairstyle it is that you are after and that you get exactly the style that you want.

Planning your hairstyle to complement your accessories (such as an up-do to show off your necklace and earrings) is the perfect way to add sophistication to your bridal style. And don’t forget to bring your headpiece with you so you and your hairstylist can experiment!

Placing flowers in your hair is a popular and classic wedding hairstyle tip. You can also ask your stylist which hair color will enhance and complement the shade of your flowers.

Talk to your stylist about what hairstyles your hair type and texture can pull off .